Have you achieved a perfect crackling on a Pork Roast yet? We want to supply you with your next perfect Pork Roast. You will be the envy of friends and family at carving time.
So what makes QCM’s Pork Roast different and how do I create the perfect Roast? Firstly it is possible that the Pork Roasts you have purchased in the past were from pigs which should have been destined for the bacon market, these pigs are lean and large and tend not to crackle well. Also smaller pigs 40-50 kg give a smaller loin chop with a lower yield and less meat to bone/fat ratio. Although your cooking methods may be second to none, you need to start with the best ingredients to get the best results.

Enter the solution… Queensland Country Meats (QCM) relies on “Ausprime”, a Pork producing company from the Southern Darling Downs. All pigs sourced by QCM are 62 – 72 kg, which is perfect for chops and roasts for the hotel and restaurant trade. All pigs we supply have a fat score of between 8 and 11 mm. All pigs supplied to QCM are female and undergo some of the most stringent specifications giving a superior flavour and outstanding moisture retention during cooking. This is due to the perfect fat coverage.

So give the crackle test a try. You’ll have the neighbours begging for an invite to Sunday dinner with the aroma of the perfect Pork Roast.

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Say no to imported pork products. Buy Australian.